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The European Strabismological Association (ESA) derives from the CESSD (Consilium Europaeum Strabismi Studio Deditum) founded in Paris in May 1962. The new association was founded during the Meeting held in Florence (Italy) on June 21st-23rd 1982 with the aim of opening the former CESSD to all persons who have a special interest in eye motility and disturbances of binocular vision.

ESA aims:

  • to disseminate knowledge of all sensory and motor aspects of strabismus and other disorders of ocular motility
  • to disseminate knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • to foster clinical and experimental research
  • to create as far as possible a common global terminology in spite of differences of language.
  • The aims of E.S.A. are only and uniquely non-profit-ones. This means that E.S.A. promotes science and research and thus contributes a considerable amount to public health. E.S.A. does this by promoting the understanding of visual development and by promoting therapies for the treatment of disturbances of vision, particularly new therapies for treating misalignments of the eyes with or without decrease of visual acuity.

3rd ESA-ISA Autumn webinar

Third ESA-ISA Autumn Webinar
A Case I Have Learnt From........

Sunday November 29th at 2.00pm - 3.30pm GMT

Chair – Andrea Molinari (Ecuador) 


Jason Yam (Hong Kong)

Chong Bin Tsai (Taiwan)

Suma Ganesh (India)

Daniela Cioplean (Romania)

Alain Spielmann (France)

Ian Marsh (UK)

Emmanuel Bui Quoc (France)

Steve Kraft (Canada)

Speakers will be asked to describe an interesting case that taught them something about strabismus, with comments and discussion from the other speakers

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John Sloper

Rosario Gomez de Liano Andrea Molinari Dominique Thouvenin

ESA-ISA Webinar planning group