Second ESA/ISA Autumn Webinar

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Second ESA-ISA Autumn Webinar

Specialised Surgical Procedures for Strabismus

Sunday November 8th at 2.00pm - 3.30pm GMT (Note change).

Chair – Rosario Gomez de Liano (Spain)


Y-split procedure : Oliver Ehrt (GERMANY)
Scott Procedure : Dominique Thouvenin (FRANCE)
Adjustable Harada-Ito Procedure :  Jonathan Holmes (USA) 
Vertical Rectus Tenotomy : Joe Demer (USA)
Minimally Invasive Strabismus Surgery : Saurabh Jain (UK)
Fixation of Medial Rectus to Medial Orbital wall Transposition of split lateral rectus to medial rectus : Gill Adams (UK)

Yokoyama Procedure : Tsoranu Yokoyama  (JAPAN)

Speakers will describe their indications for the various specialised surgical procedures forpage1image4403008

strabismus, how they perform them and how they assess their results, with comments andpage1image4396864

discussion from the other speakers.


John Sloper
Rosario Gomez de Liano

Andrea Molinari

Dominique Thouvenin

ESA-ISA Webinar planning group


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